"An investment in knowledge pays the best interest"

Benjamin Franklin

Our market knowledge

How can you minimize risks and compensate fluctuations of the market price? The solution is a pool of experts in the field of international metal trading.

Our core business is to help our clients manage their metal price risk. With the strategic use of hedging transactions we help our clients find the right answers to the price volatility in the base metal markets and the metalworking industry.

We speak your language.

As a German service provider and a Hamburg based broker with official registration we are your gateway to the London Metal Exchange (LME), one of the most important metal exchanges in the world. Our clients include industrial companies, producers, traders of semi-finished products, as well as nonferrous metals and scrap trade companies.

Ring Dealer: an exclusive group with enormous advantages.

GF Financial Markets (UK) Limited (“GFFM”) is our partner in London and is owned by one of China's largest securities firms, GF Securities Co., Limited. GFFM is a Category 1 ring dealing member. With assistance from us you are able to access global commodity markets. Thus you can evaluate market situations more precisely and use this advantage for your business.

Benefit from service at first hand.

Being a tied agent of a LME ring dealing member enables us to bring you to the center of these commodity markets. We can provide you with detailed information and the most up-to-date news of the London Metal Exchange, or you prefer to keep themselves in the background and address us, only when required, with specific questions. However you would like to proceed, Puremet is happy to accompany you on your way to the LME and develop a service that suits your needs, a service provided competently, trustfully and individually.

You can rest assured.