The LME quotes its trading volume amounted to 15 trillion US dollars (notional) in the year 2014.

Source: LME

The success story of the London Metal Exchange (LME).

The "London Metal Market and Exchange Company" was founded in the year 1877. Its roots can be traced even deeper in the past, back to the opening of the Royal Exchange in the year 1571.

The first metal which was traded was copper, followed by lead and zinc. The range was extended with aluminium (1978), nickel (1979) and aluminium alloys (1992). Since 2000 other contracts, including LME mini’s, ferrous contracts and other minor metals have been traded.

The LME was acquired by the Hong Kong Exchanges & Clearing Limited in December 2012 and on 22 September 2014 the LME launched its own clearing house, LME Clear.